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Vastu Interiors

We provide vastu consultations, remedial activations and design for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial projects. We offer unique solutions using crystals, pyramids and special metals etc that do no require re-construction. We aim not only at rectifying vastu defects in a space but strive to enrich the lives of our clients by introducing them to a new way of life together with the rhythm of vastu.


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On-Site Vastu Consultation (Residential & Commercial)

  • Includes Site Visit(s)

  • Includes Comprehensive Remedies for Vastu Doshas & Guidance for Installations 

  • Requires Floorplan & Birthdates of Main Occupants For Detailed Analysis

Online Vastu Consultation (Residential & Commercial)

  • Includes Comprehensive Remedies for Vastu Doshas & Guidance for Installations 

  • Requires Floorplan with Compass Directons, Birthdates of Main Occupants & Videos / Images of Interiors For Detailed Analysis


Contact us for pricing, other service requests & more details.

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